On February 24, 2022, Yevhen, together with his friends, volunteered to join the first aid squad on the front line. They provided life-saving support and evacuation of the wounded. This film reveals the experiences of these young men for six months full of drama, despair, fear, hatred, bitterness, love, and, most importantly, faith in victory.
Eastern Front
On 24 February 2022, Yevhen went to the front. He began to record everything: his own feelings, tens of thousands of refugees, and the friends with whom he was going to war. Yevhen is a member of the volunteer medical battalion known as the 'Hospitallers'. Their assignment is to provide first aid on the front line and to evacuate the wounded to headquarters or frontline hospitals. This mobile unit is the main character of the film. Six months full of drama, despair, fear, hatred, bitterness, love, and, most importantly, faith in victory.

When they went to war, our protagonists sent their families far away from the front – to a village in the west of Ukraine. It was in this village that the young men came to visit their relatives before the Ukrainian army's large-scale southward counterattack. Not everyone is destined to return alive and in good health. They come to say goodbye to their loved ones and to baptise the nine-month-old son of Subbota. As soon as they rise from the celebratory feast, they must go back to war...

Festivals and prizes
World premiere and regional premieres
Author and director
Vitaly Mansky

Cinematographer and director
Yevhen Titarenko

Ivan Fomichenko

Václav Flegl

Andrey Paperny

Natalia Manskaia (Vertov/Latvia),
Nataliia Khazan (Braha Production Company/Ukraine)

Filip Remunda, Vit Klusak (Hypermarket Film/Czech Republic)

TV Executive editor
Kenan Aliev (Current Time TV/USA)

TV Commissioning editor
Natalia Arshavskaya (Current Time TV/USA)

Production Companies
Vertov SIA, Braha Production Company, Hypermarket Film, Current Time

National Film Centre of Latvia
Czech Film Fund
Ukrainian State Film Agency

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